Our countryside house is located in the heart of Catalunya (90km from Barcelona) in the small region of Conca de Barberà which belongs to the province of Tarragona (50km from Tarragona). The region borders the province of Alt Camp, Baix Camp and Priorat (belonging to the area of Tarragona), the province of Garrigues, Segarra and l'Urgell (belonging to the area of Lleida) and Anoia (belonging to the area of Barcelona).

Our region embraces a historic background dated as of XII century. The surrounding towns (Montblanc and Santa Coloma de Queralt) are medieval towns with historic castles, city walls and ancient Jewish neighborhoods. Moreover, there are several monasteries, monuments and museums from the order of Cister.

Monastery of Poblet

The royal monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet is located between the towns of Vimbodí, and of Espluga Francolí; amid a magnificent place of great natural beauty which is the forest of Poblet. The village of Poblet has an impressive architectural history and has one of the most important monastery in Europe which was declared as 'World Heritage site' by UNESCO a few years ago.t'.

Medieval week of Montblanc

The most famous and unique festival of the region is the Medieval week of Saint George. It takes place in the town of Montblanc which is the capital of the Region and one the most relevant medieval towns in Catalonia. Montblanc is a fine medieval town whose historic centre lies within its defensive walls (just 9 km from the remarkable Monestir de Poblet) and every April the town is filled with dragons, fire and celebrating the legendary victory of St.George. The medieval atmosphere is present in each of the cultural events, holidays, sporting and social taking place in the town which is adorned and set just as if it was the fourteenth century.

Modernist cellars

The modernist cellars of the region are very important in the architectural heritage of the Conca de Barbera and Catalonia. As defined by the catalan poet Àngel Guimerà they are the Cathedrals of Wine and they are a reflection of the effort invested by generations of farmers in the region. Following the route of the modernist cellars in the Conca de Barbera is like a perfect combination of art, food and culture with a sense of tradition and history.

Santa Coloma de Queralt

Can Gasol is located 2km away from Santa Coloma de Queralt which is a small medieval town from the tenth century and it is directly related to the existence of the Queralt Castle (Bellprat, Anoia). Around the tenth century a small fortress was built in the town creating an old fort known as the Carlania..

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